Ramkrishna Dental Care & Research Centre Pvt. Ltd. (RDCRC Pvt. Ltd.) - a state of the art dental centre at Bakultala - started operations on 5th of April 2002. In the last 25 years the organisation has grown from a proprietory clinic of Dr GR Ashok into a private limited company providing every kind of dental treatment. At the Bakultala Clinic, care is taken to provide quality dental treatment.

According to Dr. Ashok, the Goal of the centre is to change the definition of a dentist from "one who pulls out tooth" to "one who looks after teeth and saves them."

Conservative Dentistry: Fillings / Root canals

Surgery: Minor Oral / Extractions / Orthogratic

X Rays: IOPA and OPG

Prosthetic Dentistry: Dentures / Bridges and crowns

Orthodontic Dentistry: Removable and fixed

Oncology: Cancer Surgery

Oral Pathology: Biopsy and Diagnosis

Periodontics: Gum treatment / surgery

Children Dentistry: All encompassing

Routine treatment like fillings, root canals, scaling, extraction and adjustment of dentures carried out in three adjacent chairs

Large glass panes look out onto lush tropical foliage - bushes and plants. You really feel like you're getting your teeth treated in a garden.

Surgical treatment both under local and short general anaesthesia is carried out in an Operation Theatre for normal and mentally challenged persons

There is a bed for a few hours of post-operative day-care

The Centre owns a ortho-pantomogram (OPG) X-ray unit as well as an OPG X Ray Machine

Equipped with an experienced dental technician and an assistant, the dental laboratory can make quality prosthesis, more commonly known as false teeth or dentures, in record time

Other reputed dental laboratories in the city also help out in making crowns and bridges

Having an able reception area with detailed patient records only helps serving in time keeping in mind its value for all patients

The office serves as a private area for patients to discuss their problems with the doctor, as well as for holding board meetings with other doctors in order to come to a final diagnosis

A customised software is used for bringing dental awareness among patients and their family members

This is a new area we are embarking upon which will help Dental Services move forward both academically and clinically.

This center is very soon opening an institute for training people in Dental Assistantship and Dental technician courses, which will open up employment opportunities for the youth.

Dr GR Ashok

Managing Director

Dr R Rajeswari


Smt. Indira Ramakrishna


Dr Nagasri Deb

Assistant Dental Surgeon

Dr Somaditya Ghosh (HONY)

Research Scholars

Dr Ishita Poddar (HONY)

Research Scholars

Dr KH Sudhir (HONY)

Research Scholars


Dr Saidul Islam

Oncologist and Maxilo-Facial Surgeon

Dr Kabita Chatterjee

Oral Pathologist

Dr Shyamal Bar


Dr Abhijit Chakraborty


Dr Badr Javed


Dr Tapas Gupta


Dr Amal Kanti Ghosh


Dr Subroto Das



Sri Basudeb Halder

Dental Technician

Smt Lakshmi Ganguly

Assistant Dental Technician

Smt Pushpa Haldar

Dental Nurse

Dr Smt R Rajeswari

Dental Hygienist

Sri Mongal Haldar

Dental Attendant

Ms Shubha Ramaswamy





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